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                                                                 4G Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless is also an extremely effective source of redundant bandwidth for backup networks. For businesses that have copper or fiber based primary networks between their locations, or to the internet, wireless bandwidth will often remain up if local telephone central offices go down, or if an outage is caused by a break in their underground bandwidth circuit. Wireless bandwidth is effectively redundant because it travels through the air, and therefore is not subject to interruptions which may occur on the ground. Fixed wireless commonly enters the business building via a completely separate route than copper and/or fiber based bandwidth. Fixed wireless bandwidth does not commonly carry as much bandwidth as copper or fiber bandwidth, but during emergency outages, wireless bandwidth backup networks serves as an essential lifeline to the outside world for high priority communications.  

3g fixed wireless is usually quoted for about $150 per month with a term commitment. With a month to month agreement, the cost is about $225 per month. For back up fixed wireless networks, the cost is commonly $80 per month, per location. 4g prices are not much higher than 3g and continue to evolve as this technology matures and continues to become more prevalent.  

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