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                                                                 4G Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless utilizes the strongest circuit provided for a specific location by any of the three largest cell carriers in the United States. These carriers are Sprint, ATT, and Verizon.  

3g fixed wireless provides approximately 1.5 megabits per second (mbps) download, and approximately 500 mbps upload. As 4g becomes available, it will provide up to several times this amount of bandwidth per circuit. These bandwidths are provided to customers as approximates because many variables effect fixed wireless availability. These variables include distance and line of site. If the nearest cell tower is many miles away from the location where the bandwidth is needed, then bandwidth may not be as high. If the nearest cell tower is closer but obstructed from the customer location by hills, trees, or tall buildings, the bandwidth strength will be negatively affected as well. Because many variables can influence potential bandwidth strength, it is nearly impossible to predict exactly how much bandwidth can be provided for any given location. For this reason, a guarantee is provided by most providers to ensure customer satisfaction.  

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